Monday, October 19, 2009

Win, "Win", WIN!

Better than a "Win, Win" situation...

Sorry for lagging on the 'blog posts. I'm working two jobs, trying to pass the last class for my degree, coaching a handful of athletes and still managing to train quite a lot. Luckily, I'm shutting down 2009 for a bit before I start up for 2010.

This past weekend was a big one and I figure I'd share what went down. Friday was my 34th birthday and Holly and my 5-year anniversary (which I forgot...sorry!).

Holly is so amazing, she baked me a cake. Chocolate! Thankfully, there was no singing. My birthday present to myself came in to REI (special order) and I tested it out Sunday. Camelbak Montara. Bomb! Minimal bounce, holds 35 oz of liquid and still has room to carry quite a lot. Best way to carry stuff on long runs that I've found (better than hand-held bottles or bottle waist packs for sure!).

Saturday morning I got up way too early and drove up to San Dimas for the Incycle XC Challenge, the first race in the So Cal Triple Crown. The race was HOT, the course unrelenting and the field was FAST. Thanks to the weak turnout and Marco breaking his chain on lap 1, I got the "win" by default. Now that I'm leading the series, I may have to do the other two races. Hmmmm...
Cool trophy and my first win!

I nabbed my award and hauled ass down to Temecula for Luke and Charressa's wedding. Still hot and kinda windy, but great to see people make a commitment to each other in front of friends and family. Congrats!

Hooked up with the usual suspects at the wedding. I swear it looked like a group ride with Allison, Justin, Slater, Monique, James, Beth, Holly and myself all sporting various swiming, cycling, running and paddling tan lines. Cracking me up.
We tasted Luke's home brews, drank some wine (not me), and did some dancing before heading home and collapsing into bed. Exhausted.

A killer weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


No pics. So those of you who don't like reading will have to wait until next week or so.

Lots going on in life right now: working 2 jobs, going to school and trying to fit training in are all keeping me insanely busy.

This past Saturday I headed out to Temecula for the Fat Tire Epic 50 to support one of my athletes. Despite 3 flats and some stomach issues, Scott finished 3rd in cat 3 in 5:20 or so. Tinker won in 3:22. Animal. We had some fun in the pits, though I was nearly attacked by a random dog that came running out of a camp site. The way it sprinted up to me growling and barking, I thought for sure I was going to get mauled. Some dude called it off and apologized, but it scared the crap out of me. Seriously, how hard is it to keep your mutt on a friggin' leash?

Sunday I took Holly out for her first ever MTB ride and she loved it. I brought the camera, but didn't check the batteries and it turns out they were dead, of course. Zippy fail!

This past week has been all about crash training. Basically, you squeeze two training blocks into one when you're short on time. I'm aiming for the Incycle XC Challenge next week as my last race before I shut down 2009 and take a break before gearing up for 2010 (big plans for next year...BIG PLANS!).

So yesterday, I headed out with Xterra pro Renata Bucher to ride with Arnie Baker and the Cyclo-Vets. I knew the ride would be hard and I was looking forward to it. I've never worked so hard on a road bike for so long before: 65 miles and over 7k vertical feet in 5 hours. Ouch. Today I tok the MTB out and drilled it again. Tomorrow is some welcome recovery and then I'm cranking it back up for the weekend before shutting it down and recovering my ass off for the race.

Looking forward to toe-ing the line for my 4th and final race for 2009.