Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cold and Rainy

I'm at my brother's house in Newcastle, CA and Xterra REAL is tomorrow. The plan was to use Thursday as my travel day, but finances wouldn't allow it. Mom and Dad came to my rescue again and floated me the gas money to get here. I'm a day late, but I managed to get some easy training in on the course yesterday. Tis is my third time racing this course and it seems to get flatter and faster every year. Maybe it's just me?

Unfortunately it's been raining since last night and there's a duathlon and trail run this morning. Chances are things are going to get torn up. The weatherman is predicting it to clear up and warm up for tomorrow; I'm hoping it'll clear up, but planning for the worst. Two years ago it rained a bunch the week before, making the course a quagmire; I hope it won't do that again.

Today, I'm doing one lap of the two-loop course, just to see how things have changed since last year and to keep the legs spinning.

Oh yeah, the lake is way, way low. I'm interested to see how they make a swim course out of it since I can see sand bars all over the place. The run to T-1 is going to be looooooooong. Crazy.


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