Saturday, October 30, 2010


Although I spend Monday through Friday playing "Recruit Palmer" Saturday and Sunday are all about getting out and clearing the mind so I don't go stir crazy...or get FAT! LOL!

Did I mention the deer around here are kind of used to people? My room mate is a hunter and I clowned him: "Look! I'm shooting deer!".
He gave me a dirty look: "Don't tease me..."
 Of course the scenery is awesome. All the buildings were designed by the same architect that designed Hearst Castle: Julia Morgan. This isn't my building, but they all look very similar. Rad.
 Driving out to the trail. A rare sunny day on the Monterrey Peninsula; I took FULL advantage.
 The ocean is just out of the picture on the left.
Partly cloudy and quite breezy, but I'm pretty much used to the cold by now. Today was "nice" comparatively speaking.

 Some cool views out here.
 I saw FIVE people during a three-hour ride. Stoked? Oh yeah!
 Single track! Mmmmm...

 Yeah; that's a marked trail. Love it. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

With the rain the night before, the dirt was super tacky given the high sand content in the soil. SWEET.

As nice as it is having so many miles of trails practically to myself, I really miss the techy steeps of So Cal. *sigh*

Heading out for a long run tomorrow along the coast and probably heading back to the pool next week since I get my first paycheck Monday. CSUMB has lap swim from 6:30-7:30. Perfect. 


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