Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Its life Jim, but not as we know it"

I just posted Monday, but it's amazing how much can happen in 48 hours. Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, so I skipped all my classes and did what I wanted to do all day. My g/f, Holly, came down Monday and we just hung out all day. I went for a morning ride, had some yummy sushi for lunch and then we went and saw a movie. We had perfect movie seats in a practically empty theatre until some guy with no hygiene skills sat behind us. Then he starts making random comments to the characters on the screen ("Watch out!", "Oh God!", "What's around that corner?"). At first it was amusing, but the smell was too much and we had to move. At least the move was good: Resident Evil III. Good crap. Crap meaning it's your typical action movie and there's no deep meaning. It's just entertainment. I liked it.

Now for the downer. I got a phone call early this morning from my sister's boyfriend who had a co-worker go into cardiac arrest in front of 30 people in a meeting. I gave him the best advice I could about what to do and explained to him that the guy probably wouldn't make it. The Captain from the Fire Department that responded said exactly what I did: that the man had suffered a massive heart attack and there is no chance that he would survive. Needless to say, no one in that room had seen someone die in front of them before and they were all pretty shaken. The witnesses did all they could (CPR, immediate 911 contact), but the man still expired. My experiences as a Paramedic were often similar: even if you do everything right, people still die. Kinda sucky, but it happens. The best you can do is: eat right, exercise and get yourself an annual physical. Still, sometimes it's a crap shoot.

Kinda drizzly this morning, but it's clearing enough that I think I'll go hit the trails on my single speed MTB. Gotta shake off this funk I've been in since Xterra Nationals.


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