Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update...

The smoke here in La Jolla seems to be letting up a tad and the weather reports the wind weakening and the normal, onshore flow returning by the weekend. The fires, however continue to burn. So far, 200,000 acres burned, 513, 000 people evacuated, 2,000 structures lost and the largest fire is only 5% contained; up from 0%.

The firefighting aircraft finally got off the ground once the winds subsided and, in conjunction with ground units, the firefighters seem to be making some headway and have saved several neighborhoods. SDFD lifted evacuations in areas of Del Mar and Solana Beach West of Interstate 5. Looks like I won't be evacuated, but yesterday night I stayed up until midnight to make sure that'd be the case and then got up at 0700 to check the progress of the fire during the night. South and East county isn't so lucky and huge areas are still burning and remain evacuated. Good luck to all the residents and firefighters still fighting.

School's been cancelled for the rest of the week. Since the air quality is hazardous and I'm not training, I'll have time to catch up on studying. Phooey.

Up to date fire info: www.signonsandiego.com

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