Monday, February 18, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin

Last week started off pretty crappy with a midterm in Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics. I studied a lot for it and still found myself struggling to come up with answers. Looks like I may have to change tactics...
Training, however, has been going pretty well. Last week was a high-volume week and I managed to get almost everything done that I had planned. I missed a weight session Saturday afternoon, but I wasn't recovered enough to do it. I'm going to see if I can move it so I'm more likely to get it in.
My weekend workouts actually went very well. Saturday I rode San Juan Trail off Ortega Hwy in the Cleveland National Forest:

This shot looks back down the trail towards the trail start. I'm not far into the ride, but it was a pretty day and a good spot for a picture. Unfortunately, you can't see the dozen or so switchbacks that climb out of the canyon and up the slope on the left side of the picture. Maybe I should start carrying a disposable film camera for better resolution; who knows...

Anyway, suffice to say I had a great ride. Here's a Google Earth view of what the area looks like.

The pictures don't do the area justice. Friggin' amazing place to ride. If you're new to SoCal or just a visiting MTB'er, hit this place up. Here's a better look at the trail (sigining on to view it is free and you won't get spam)

My run Sunday also went very well. I didnt have much on the top end, but my pace in zones 1-3 is MUCH faster than ever before. There's a 6 mile loop around my house that I now JOG in the same time it used to take me to run it flat out. Prettty exciting.

This week? RECOVERY!! Just in time too: I was getting some sore spots that I can now pay atention to before I crank out my last Base period going into my early season races. I have a wicked MTB race first thing in March (56 miles, 11K feet of climbing), a 10K around St. Patrick's Day, Lifeguard Requalification (1000 yards open ocean) and my first Xterra of the season to finish the month off.

Can't wait!


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jameson said...

solid stuff man... come out and race this weekend!