Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finals are finally over. It's time to get things back in their proper order...

I took my last final this morning (Biochemical Structure and Function...yuck!) came home, ate something I can't recall at the moment, jumped in the shower, made it to Sprawl-Mart for some necessities came home and absolutely crashed. I vaguley recall Holly waking me up to say she was going to work. I woke up a little while later and deecided it's time to get the training back on track.

Over the last three years of school I've tried very hard to strike some kind of balance between Triathlon and school. What happens is that I focus on one to the detriment on the other and then the pendulum swing back the other way. I've had some sucess buy focusing on my studies near the beginning of the quarter when I'm still motivated. Unfortunately, by the time finals roll around, I'm in fantastic shape and I'm behind in my studies. At that point I disappear off the face of the planet for two weeks while I cram for exams. It's a vicious cycle and I'm still working on how to balance both more effectively.

Ironically, I start working immediately. I have one whole day off and it's right into 40-hour weeks lifeguarding until summer school starts up in two weeks; at which time I work on days I don't need to attend class. Throw training into the mix and sometimes I wonder how I get it all done...sometimes I can't get evrything done. Crappy.

If you've got a minute, check out James' 'blog; he's on an Xterra road trip with some of his buds and having a lot of fun. Oh yeah, AND he's kicking ass. As for racing, I'm skipping Xterra Tahoe City for financial reasons. Racing there looks fun and the timing was sure to positively affect my motivation, but money's tight and there's just no way it's going to happen.

Next race? Rim Nordic XC.

BTW, Luke is racing The 12 Hours of Temecula this weekend and, from his posts, he looks fit and ready to go. Get after it, man.



Big Rig said...

I like the new picture at the top of your blog.

David Emmond said...

Hey dude, I'll be back in Cali from 7/9-7/16 and plan on doing a few training runs while there. You down?