Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Bee

Huge training load, work and school mean my plate is overflowing. Sometimes I wish I could simplify things and focus on one thing at a time. No such luck.

Wednesday, I headed out to Los Penasquitos Canyon for a brick workout (riding and running) and ran into a fellow Xterra racer, Greg Zakowski. We chatted for a while and he convinced me to jump into a group ride meeting there in 10 minutes. Training by yourself gets WAY boring, so I figured "what the heck?"...then 50-54 Xterra STUD Lynn Trimble showed up...followed by Team Cytomax/KHS Pro MTB racer, Chuck Jenkins. At this point I'm getting worried, because these guys are FAST. And they're all riding high-dollar XC race rigs. Yeah; shaking in my shoes for sure. To my amazement, I stayed 2nd-3rd the whole ride and only crashed once. So it turns out I don't suck after all. Jenkins is amazingly fast through tight, twisty single track, but I'd expect nothing less from a Pro MTB racer.

Thursday I spent all day getting my truck fixed; 140 bucks later and it's running like it should. Huge thanks to my best bud, Alex for doing the labor for free. I owe him a six-pack of frosty adult beverages for sure.

Worked my butt off at the beach all weekend. Moved at least 200 people out of dangerous areas, talked half a dozen people in out of the water and rescued one person out of the surf. Each night I came home with swollen "cankles", exhausted, sun-kissed and dehydrated. Just enough energy to eat and pass out.

Alas, with so much work and school, I'm slacking off on my training. I need to simplify my life again to protect my sanity and maintain my relationship with my g/f. I may need to drop my summer classes, but I'm not sure how that will affect my financial aid for next year. We'll see.

Lifeguard/Ranger written exam on Saturday and maybe a day of on Sunday! Or I might work water safety for the Carlsbad Triathlon. Money is money and it's a short day.



Luke said...

everything in moderation brotha!

good on ya for trying to keep up with it all tho!

Girl on a Bike said...

We rode through Coast Hwy yesterday just as they were cleaning up after the Tri. Nice to have the highway to ourselves, but not on the return trip...