Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going For It

A lot has happened in just one week. The fatigue of juggling school, work and training finally got to me and I'll be dropping my class this week in favor of more training(hence the post title). As a result, I managed to put in some HUGE training last week that'll set me up nicely for a strong race at Tahoe. I can only imagine what Coach Jim has in store for me next week.

Work is still work: people contnue to swim wherever they plop their stuff down and we wind up herding them like sheep. At least I get paid and I work at the beach; please don't think I'm complaining!

My right foot is starting to bother me on long-ish runs. I'm certain my plantar fasciitis has flared up again from the high running volume. Nothing I can't roll out with a frozen golf ball, but still something worth keeping tabs on.

Good news! My filthy degenerate downstairs neighbors noved out! It's been eerily quiet ever since and I'm beside myself I'm so happy. Holly and I have been sleeping really well ever since. Nice.

Saturday I took the written exam for Park Ranger, Lifeguard Cadet. Supposed to take 4.5 hours, but I walked out in a little over 2 hours. I wouldn't call it diffcult, but you did have to read carefully and read all the answers before choosing one. Nice to see they want people that can think critically. Gasp!

Sunday I went for a ride and transition run in Los Penasquitos Canyon with homie James. I did some pretty decent work on the climbs and JW and I "noodled" the rest. He was beat from a huge ride the day before, so he was chillin'. Some serious bush trimming being done on a trail called "Tunnels" that has a canopy of small oak trees. I liked it when it was more overgrown: had an eerie feel to it, especially during night rides. Bummer.

Luke headed up to Big Bear for the Rim Nordic stage race this weekend. When I spoke to him Sat night, he was on his way to a strong result for the weekend with a win in the hill climb and a 2nd place in the dirt crit. Boy has a good shot at the Stage Race Overall and maybe the series points win for the whole summer. Good luck, dude!


Luke said...

thanks bro!! good to hear you are narrowing your scope. keep up the good work. SJT sunday??

jameson said...

good times on sunday... but we got to get together for an epic ride when i am not shelled... you, me, and luke... nate harrison grade...soon!!