Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Saturday at Vail, my soleus was a little sore. I came home, stretched it and it felt better. Sunday I went for a long run and it got sore again. So I wrapped it and either stayed off my feet or made sure I had shoes on and it felt better. Last night while doing leg presses, it got sore again; same treatment, same result: improvement.

Today I went out for an easy 60 minute run with some foot speed work and leg hops...and it starts to hurt. Leg hops made it really painful and I was unable to stretch it away or walk it off. So I screamed "F*CK!!!" at the top of my lungs and walked home. I'm sitting here with it wrapped after taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen and seriously considering hanging up the running shoes for the whole season.

So I'm back to square 1 with this f'ing leg. I'm staying off it for the rest of the week: no more lifting, no MTB riding (hard, low cadence efforts anger the leg). I'm just going to swim and ride the road bike and hope for the best.

Stupid body.



Justin said...

An IM athelete here at work told me his regimen for working through issues like this.

3 Vitamin I, 3 times a day, for a week. It reduces the inflamation enough for healing to take place while still getting exercise (at a lower intensity).

Apparently you have to dose this heavily to get the full benefit of the anti-inflamatory response.

I did this with my knee recently and it worked well for me.

In any case, I wish you luck getting through it. We will miss you at Noble this weekend!

Zippy said...

Thanks for the tip! Now do me a favor and tell Luke the difference between a "regimen" and a "regiment". Ha!

Girl on a Bike said...

It's your body's way of telling you it hates running :D jk... injury sucks.

You can always take up XC/endurance if riding alone doesn't irritate it too much. Otherwise, not really sure what to say. I don't run.

Luke said...

my training is a like a military unit...regiment!!

jk...guess, i've been goofing that for a while now.

stay off the running for a while 4-6 weeks and give it another go in your next REGIMEN!!

XTERRA 29er said...

Sorry to hear about the injury, but I'm in the "running is overrated" camp so 4-6 weeks with an excuse to forgo the running doesn't sound too bad. Keep your spirits up, spend some time working on your bike, and it'll be OK.

Jim Vance said...

Sounds like you need to fire your new coach! ;-)

The fact your calf had been bothering you, you should not be doing anything explosive or jarring to the calf.

Be smart. Start slow. There are no main races coming soon which require you to be doing 1 hour runs with hard things like that. Just build base and be consistent right now. No risks. That's all you need.