Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Ass Weekend/ On the Mend

So the leg is healing, though slowly. Justin's advice to take huge doses of Ibuprofen seems to be doing the trick. I checked the FDA website and 240o mg a day is the therapeutic dose, with a daily max of 3200 mg for up to 14 days. So it's better, but not 100% by a long shot.

So I've been swiming (easy on the flip-turns!) and cycling easy: low effort and no hammering of any kind. Frustrating, but necessary. *sigh*

As for the crazy weekend...

I went for a ride Saturday at Daley Ranch in SD; the guy I was supposed to ride with flaked on me AND my brake pads went out at the 3.5 mile mark. So I took the rear brakes apart and limped it home. Total ride? 4.5 miles and about 35 minutes of ride time. Woo.

Saturday night, I got the idea to get my Growler refilled (1/2 gallon beer jug!) and I have a gift card for BJ's Pizza. Sweet. So I call my local restaurant to make sure I don't need an appointment or something. Nope; come on by and we'll fill it for you! Double sweet. So I head over thinking about free beer, walk in and the hostess tell me they don't do that there. Huh? I just called! She gets that "Oh shit, I'm caught!" look on her face but gets saved by a server who shows up and mentions that BJ's no longer fills Growlers. Lame! So now I have this jug that's totally useless because state law prohibits putting alochol in a jug incorrectly labeled. I.E., you can't put Stone beer in a BJ's growler. F*cking lame! So I go home, beer-less. :(

Sunday morning I get up to watch James kill it at Xterra World Championships and I can't find the linky to the streaming vid. I bailed out on the UCSD Team ride and no video? Crap! At which point I realize that Hawaii is 3 hours behind us and I totally could have ridden with the team. Womp womp. So I throw on the riding gear and head out for an easy spin just to waste time until the race starts. I stop for a bathroom break about 45 minutes in and notice my rear tire has a bubble in the tread. Aaargh! So I head home, hoping the tire will hold and it pops about 300 yards from my I rode it the rest of the way instead of changing it. At least it made it as far as it did.

So now the only bike I have that works is my single speed. *shrug* I killed two bikes in 24 hours. That's a new record for me.

However, homie James absolutely KILLED IT in Maui. He won his age group by a bunch and wound up SECOND AMATEUR and 22nd overall. So he's the 30-34 National AND World Champion. He almost ran down the first amateur...41 seconds out of first. F*cking STUD!

I'm working hard at letting the soleus heal. It's getting better and the pain is progressing in the reverse direction it got worse in. Does that make sense? Hopefully I'll be pain free before it's time to start my Base work for my first peak of 2009.



Luke said...

that's god telling you to rest my friend!

jameson said...

thanks for the props dude...

If you get your bikes fixed I think we are going to ride vail saturday... you should roll...