Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holy Jim-Trabuco (calf injury, week 7)

The calf is still no good. I tried running Tuesday and it started hurting 2 miles in. I tried it again today and it's the same story. Much more of this and I'm just gonna cut it off below the knee.

Fortunately, I can still swim and ride, so I'm getting in all the big rides I've been skipping in the name of training. If the end result is that I turn into a monster XC racer, then so be it.

I hooked up with fellow Xterra racer Ryan Weeger who hasn't ridden the Santa Ana Mountains much. He's missing out and I figured I'd show him some of the "good stuff" since he's racing the Counting Coup this year. Once the Cleveland National Forest opens back up (Monday11/9), I'll be heading up here lots more so I can work on my climbing.

I was late (as per usual) and we didn't get started until 8:30. Thankfully, Ryan was patiently waiting at the trailhead. Though I'm sure he would have taken off if he had known the route we were taking :P

I actually stopped and took some pics this time:

From Holy Jim Trail heading up towards the Main Divide Road

Looking back down the trail. The runner you can see is in the trail marathon: Blue Jay Camp, down Trabuco, up Holy Jim, across Main Divide back to Blue Jay...Sick!

Ryan. Starting to feel not so great. He mentioned he might have had one too many Negro Modelos the night before. D'oh!
Short hike-a-bike section as we reached the Main Divide.Me on the Main Divide with Holy Jim Canyon, that we just climbed out of, in the background.

Same spot, but looking South toward "The Wall" section of Main Divide that you must climb to get to Trabuco Trail. You can almost see where it splits the two peaks in the distance over my left shoulder.
From Main Divide looking down Holy Jim and Trabuco Canyons. Not a super-clear day, but you could see Catalina Island peeking out of the haze. Hard to see in the photo...

Trabuco Trail head on Main Divide. This is the final downhill on the Vision Quest route and such a sight for sore eyes when you're that tired. I stopped and hugged the brown post/trailhead sign in 2008 I was so happy to see it. No one had a camera.

Christmas Tree! Just a random tree that people decorate each year. Not sure who does it, but one of those things that makes you stop and go "Hey! That's kinda cool!" One of the many stream crossings on the way down Trabuco. These are technically challenging normally and even more so when they're running water in the rainy season. Some are not rideable. OK, maybe hans Rey could ride 'em...
Looking down Trabuco Trail where we'd be going momentarily.

Looking up West Horsethief Trail from where it turns off from Trabuco Trail. This trail is friggin' EVIL and you get to ride/hike it for the Vision Quest. I'll be back in March to do battle with this little bastard.

Total time came out to 4 hours including stops for pics and for Ryan not feeling so hot; we've all been there.

All in all, a great ride that reminded me how much San Diego trails SUCK compared to the awesome-ness that is the Santa Ana Mountains. I'll be hitting some more of my favorites once they're open; keep your eyes peeled for more huge photo posts.



Ryan Weeger said...

Dude, that was still a fun ride. I felt crappy, and then probably got worse cause I didnt take any nutrition because I wasn't feeling good...double whammy. I am pretty sure I will be riding there every weekend I can until March. Thanks for being patient , we will ride again soon if youre not already sick of waiting so much on the downhills...

Jim Vance said...

Cool ride Eric. Be careful with the calf, as those can be very tempermental. They will trick you into thinking they are healthy, but are not. Chances are you need 2 weeks off from running entirely, and be careful in your force production on the bike. In the meantime, try to get it massaged, (TP Massage kit for Xmas would be a great gift for you), and stretch it a lot. I would recommend some seated calf raises in the weight room, mostly for the stretch, than the strength development.

Pedal Circles said...

Looks like a nice ride! Warrior's Society does the tree.

Also, someone tell Ryan mountain bikers don't wear white! Just kidding ;)

jameson said...

I can't wait to get out there with you guys...

are you cruising out to the 12 hour race?

Luke said...

drop the don't need it until May right? plenty of time!

let's get out after the 12 hour!

Trevor Glavin said...

What an awesome day on the bike! Now that I am going to be living down here we will have to get out on some of those trails together.