Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble, Gobble...Recovery!

Thanksgiving is over and done with and now we can all move on to Christmas. Sweet.

Here's how the extended weekend went down:

I got tapped to work Thanksgiving Day lifeguarding for the State Parks. What should have been a relaxing day of easy money turned into a hectic morning because A) I went to the wrong location (my first time working this specific unit (unit=roving patrol in a Jeep/truck) B) I had no idea where anything was C) I'd be working the unit solo for the first time. It's cool that my supervisors think I'm "good enough" to work by myself, but a little nerve wracking fying solo for the first time; kinda feels like you're a trapeeze artist working without a net.
The early morning clouds cleared out and it turned into a picture-perfect day. Sorry, no photos.
Friday morning I packed up riding gear and extra clothes and headed up to the OC to spend some time with the family...and squeeze in a quick ride. I pulled into Fullerton just in time for the start of Le Tour de Tryptophan: an undrground 24-Hour solo "race" on a route called the Fullerton Loop. No entry fee, no support, no prizes, no course marking; just you and a couple other nut-jobs out riding to see who can do the most laps in 24 hours. Timing is all on the honor system and you collected playing cards to keep track of the number of laps you complete. There is a "donation" every year and proceeds go to some charitable organization. Last year, the ride benefited Tara Llanes and 2008 benefited the So Cal Sholastic MTB League: a High-School MTB League just getting started. A $30 donation netted you a T-shirt...while supplies last.

I couldn't stay for the full 24 hours since I had stuff to do with the family and I had brought the SS 29'er. No way I'm riding a 24 Solo on a full-rigid SS. No way. So I did 2 leisurely loops and pulled the plug...out front of course. Pulling out of a "race" while in the lead stung more than a little. Alas, duty calls...

Headed out to Mom and Dad's, showered, scarfed some cold leftovers (broken microwave AND no green bean casserole; womp womp) made it to the G-parent's place to hang for a bit, said "Hi" to my bro and the nephews and back over to the Loop for a couple night laps before heading home. I pulled in to my garage around midnight...a loooooong day.
The Fullerton Loop winner pulled 15 laps (11 miles each). That's a lot of riding.

Saturday was pretty un-eventful: an easy swim and some lifting. Though I lifted at Holly's work: The JCC in La Jolla. Talk about big cha-ching! The stationary bikes all had integrated fans to keep you cool while you rode and every treadmill, stationary bike, etc. had it's own mini-flat screen TV. Sheesh!

Sunday, I headed out to Vail Lake for a some riding. I planned for 4.5 hours, but I was so shelled from Friday on the SS and lifting Sat, that I pulled the plug at the 3-hour mark. Did plenty of exploring and got really pissed off by all the damage the motos are causing out there. The jumps and DH stuff they're buidling out there have turned into a big draw for the moto folks: LOTS of tracks all over those areas. Same goes for the morons in the lifted golf carts: tons of those tracks out there too. Idiots...

Got home Sunday afternoon and iced my trashed legs by soaking in the un-heated pool in our complex

and then eased the tension with some jaccuzzi time
The cold soak followed by the hot soak really helps out after long workouts and especially after long runs. I need to get back to doing this at least once a week.

You HAVE to try this beer by the way. Friggin' tasty stuff. Hits HARD, though.

Some much needed recovery this week and we'll try running next week. Cross your fingers for me; and let's hope I can run pain-free.



jameson said...

rogue, dead guy ale is one of my favorites. great call and perfect post ride brew. lets go grab some cold ones soon.

Pedal Circles said...

Dead guy is good. I think we had a bottle in Dville 07.

As far as running - good luck. But it sounds like the riding is working out nicely ;)

Luke said...

good rides + good brews = killer weekend!!

Trevor Glavin said...

What's the night ride situation? You said tues, wed, thurs night in PQ canyon...a group or are you riding solo?
I would join you for some of these!
Let me know.