Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recovery, Finals Week and Carnage

First off, I'm fine. My road bike, on the other hand...not so lucky. No crashing involved, but carnage just the same.

I was doing my cycling test up Mt. Soledad, I had warmed up for a solid 45 mins and I was feeling primed for a good couple reps to see where my fitness was at. On the very first rep, I started working too hard in my middle chain ring (sucky road triple) and shifted into my smallest chain ring. The chain started skipping and I could see the lack of tension in the chain. Before I could shift and correct the problem, I felt the drivetrain bind, followed by the distinct feeling of something breaking. If you've done it, you know it is the only way I can describe it.

I stopped and looked down to see my derailler hanging uselessly from the cable and the chain twisted into a Chinese Finger Puzzle (no offense if you're Chinese). Crap.

Luckily I'm kinda resourceful and I was able to turn my bike into a single speed and limp it home, sans test data, however. *sigh*

The derailler hanger looks like this:
Tough to see? Perhaps a better angle...

Yeah, I ripped that sucker right the f*ck off. I still have no idea exactly what happened, but I'm determined now to ditch the Road Triple: more hassle than it's worth.

My new single-speed. Haha! (ignore the foot in the photo...)

So tomorrow I'm ordering my derailler hanger from my bike shop and hoping it gets here in time for the planned riding this weekend. If not, I might have to cobble something together from the spare parts and frames I have laying around the condo here. Of all the rotten luck.
As for training: I'm feeling rested thanks to the recovery week and swimming is going...well, swimmingly. I'm going to try some very easy running this week and see how things hold up.
Speaking of running, I found out last week that my shoes may be the culprit for my problems. It received terrible reviews from the Road Runner Sports website and people were describing pain and problems exaclty like I was experiencing. That would've been nice to know when I bought them last year. I hear great things about Saucony and I'm going to give them a try...and switch running stores.
Finals tomorrow and Thursday and plenty of training once school's out for Winter Break. Saweet! ~


Luke said...

dang dude! i know road bikes aren't all that in our dealins'...but is that a giant frame from the early 90's? it's no wonder that thing snapped off!! ;^)

Zippy said...

While looking for the der hanger online I learned it's a 1999-2001 frame. It's a good frame, it just needs a whole new component gruppo and I can't justify spending that kind of cash for a bike I no longer race on.

Here's something that'll bake your noodle: my bike PR from LA in '06? 68...on that bike with clip-on aero bars.

My 1/2 IM split from O-side in 2005? 3:05. Also on that bike with clip-ons.

Imagine what I could do with something "nice"...

Pedal Circles said...

Sucks about the derailleur! Hope it all gets worked out in time for Sat. Luke and I were just joking yesterday that road biking is easy cause you lube the chain twice a year and you're done ;)

Hope the shoes work out also! If it's only that simple - awesome!

XTERRA 29er said...

This post only adds to my intense fear of road bikes. Something I'm going to have to get over if I do decide to do the 1/2 IM thing or improve at XTERRA. Strong work on the SS conversion.