Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting the Itch

Right around this point in the season, I start getting that racing itch. I know I shouldn't be racing at this point in the season, but I'm feeling fit and really want to get out and see what I've got.

Climbing San Juan Trail on New Year's. Big thanks to Steph for the pic.
This past week was all about recovery and testing. I was interested about what kind of improvements I'd see, if any, after switching to a 3-week meso-cycle for my Base 2. I was happy with the results: 30 seconds off my 1k time trial in the pool, over a minute faster combined on my 2x Soledad repeats and 30 seconds off my 5k time trial and the track; I'm stoked to see the times I've been putting down ...and it's only January!

Reality check: James' "easy running pace"coming off his foot injury is only slightly slower than my tempo pace. Man, that guy's fast!

Holly and I had a serious Pizookie craving, but neither of us felt like actually going to BJ's and paying their ridiculous prices. A little inspiration and a trip to the grocery store and we had our own ghetto Pizookie.

What are you gonna do with a cookie this big?

...put ice cream on it!

Totally fulfilled our craving. So good and we got 4x the dessert for what it would have cost at the restaurant. If you're not familiar with Pizookie, I recommend you check out BJ's Restaurant web page. Basically a warm cookie in the shape of a pizza with ice cream on it; Pizza + cookie = Pizookie. Get it?

So training is moving on (Base 3 if you're down with Friel) and I've got some HUGE weeks on tap. It's going to be tough, but It'll be worth it when I start toeing the line in March.


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keep up the good work!