Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sh!t Like a Champion (part II)

More on Drum and Bugle Corps here:

It's a long read, but fills you in on the details of the activity. I did it for six years and that experience is a large part of me.

As for my last post, it seems that I'm condoning maximum effort every time you hop on the bike, jump in the pool or lace up your running shoes; that's not the case. Physical effort is part of it yes, but the emphasis was meant to be more on the amount of mental effort you put into things.

Ex: you can recover like a Champion. It's more about being in the moment, focus and mental discipline than it is about going as hard as you can until you keel over. One of my favorite instructors used to say "Job at hand" frequently. Pay attention to what you're doing; brush your teeth like a champion while you're at it.

Some exciting developments on the job front: I met with my background investigator on Tuesday and he asked me all kinds of embarassing questions. He recorded the interview, which was a little nerve-wracking.

So my background investigation has started and those of you on my list of references should expect to be contacted. The good news is that he already spoke to my boss from the lifeguard service and he spoke very highly of me: "Eric's a great guy and we'd love to have him join us (the permanent lifeguard staff)". Cool.

As for training...

Just when you think you're getting fast, some guy comes along and shows you what fast really is.

I was doing hill repeats up Torrey Pines hill today and got passed by a guy in a local cycling shop team kit. I jumped on his wheel and stayed in my HR zone...then his phone rang; he answered it, chatting comfortably while I pegged zone 4...d'oh! We get to the top, both turn around and I stop at the bottom to fill my water bottle. I round the guardrail to head back up the hill...and he's doing one leg drills....UP TORREY PINES!!!

Friggn' insane.

I smiled as I passed him: "That looks like it hurts." He chuckled and we went our separate ways.

Honestly; who does that?



Pedal Circles said...


Guys that $#+* like a champ ;) Email coming out soon re: tomorrow!

XTERRA 29er said...

Good luck on the job front. Hope it continues to go well.

Your "champion" attitude sounds a lot like the one my HS and college Ultimate teams had the years we won national titles.

btw - after reading some of the training you and JW do I find myself asking, "who does that?"