Monday, June 8, 2009

"When Life Gives You Lemons..."

"...find someone who's life has given them Vodka; and have party"
-Ron White
I went to a club meeting where Brad Kearns was speaking and he related a story about a transcendental moment during his racing career. The gist of it was that he pre-rode the course the day before the race with a competitor who crushed him and the course wound up being very hilly. Race morning, the start was delayed due to fog causing poor visibility during the swim and he simply sat on the shore and shrugged it off while his competitors grumbled about the conditions and the delay; Brad figured his race was shot given his pre-rde the day before. The swim wound up being very cold and he spent a large portion of the bike course simply trying to get warm; halfway through the bike leg he looks up and sees the lead motorcycle in front of him. He'd ridden through the field and didn't know it because he'd been so focused on how cold he was. He'd go on to win that race.
The point?
You cannot control the circumstances given to you, only how you react to them.
I was bummed about breaking my hand, but it's given me the opportunity to focus on my coaching and I've gotten a lot of interest recently. Cool.
Friday, I went to my first Physical Therapy appointment and the PT said I could run and ride the trainer, but no swimming and I should avoid "weight bearing" activities.
How do you ride the trainer without putting weight on your hands?

Yeah. I blew the dust off the aero bars and slapped 'em on. Yes, they're old and WAY ghetto, but they'll let me ride. Ignore the bar tape...
It's officially Summer by the way. The grilled Sweet Potato idea came from James a while back. Friggin' tasty. As for the hand, the stitches are already out and the cast is off. Yay Steri Strips!Removable plastic splint lets me have some mobility and I'm doing exercises a couple times a day. I can still hold a beer. Can't be all bad, right? :D



Luke said...

back to beer need to continue! ;)

jameson said...

and a good beer at that!

you'll be back in no time... enjoy the summer!

Pedal Circles said...

Make sure you stay away from the 22's! Those could be considered too heavy ;)

Erin said...

A good attitude will always make you a winner! Or at least a not-dropout-er. (Sorry that sounded like a Sesame Street lesson.) Keep it up!

XTERRA 29er said...

how's the recovery going?