Saturday, September 26, 2009

Going Long

No, I'm still not planning any races longer than 3 hours, but this post has three week's worth of stuff in it and it's all about races lasting 8 hours or more where I crewed for people or had athletes or friends competing. Get comfy...

I saw a post on a from a guy riding the 24 HOA in desperate need of a pit crew since his bailed and his family couldn't make it. Knowing how much racing by yourself sucks and how bad you need a crew for a race like that, I jumped in.

We rolled into Hurkey Friday night and set up camp. I teased Darryl (racer) with some tasty beverages.
Woke up early Saturday and thrashed myself on the Idyllwild Spring Challenge Course; as brutal and beautiful as I remember it. I got misdirected near the end and ran out of water, but backtracked and found my way back to the campground after the race started.

I ran into some really fast guy I haven't seen in a while.

...and watched friend Chris battle his way up to 3rd in the 8 Hour Solo class. STUD.
Athlete Mykyta picked up 7th in the 8-Hour Solo class. Solid day for him.

...and Darryl battled it out with Chuck Wheeler for 12 HOURS for the final podium spot in the 24 Solo category. Not only was it Darryl's first ever 24 Solo attempt, but Chuck is a veteran at the distance. Needless to say we were both shocked when Darryl nabbed 3rd. SWEET!

Self-portrait at 4AM. I'd like to thank PEET's coffee, the French Press and Red Bull for their contributions.

Today, Holly and I woke up super early and headed out to the Laguna Mountains for th eNobal Canyon 50k. Considering she's supported me at nearly every race I've been in for the duration of our 5 year relationship, it was my turn to play Sherpa. Sure she's smiling now...

About 50 degrees at the raace start at 7AM. By the time it hit noon, it was over 80 deg. at the Penny Pines aid station. Roasting.
Holly looked pretty fresh at mile 11. Still smiling.

I snuck out while Holly was running the Pacific Crest/ Big Laguna loop and bagged nearby Garnet Peak. Amazing views from the top. I was stoked to be up there and had it all to myself. Lovin' it.

Part of the Garnet Peak Trail runs along the PCT. Through hiking it is totally on my bucket list.

Holly would fall twice, once into a cactus, and she wasn't so fresh and smiley when I saw her again at mile 21. I paced her halfway to the next aid station, ran back to the car, drove down to the bottom of the course and then chased up the course to make she sure was doing OK. She was cooked from the heat and distance and was relegaed to walking. I walked/ran with her the last 2 miles. Girl sucked it up and ran through the finish line though I'm sure it hure like hell. I'm so proud of her...

We headed home, got some fatty, nasty food on the way and once there I introduced her to ice baths. Hehe. =D


PacMan said...

Nice to see another update. And you can tell your lady that you're supposed to drive distances like that--not run them!! LOL. Congrats--what an achievement.

The "4am" pic and caption made me LOL just now and almost woke my wife up.

jameson said...

awesome stuff man... sounds like you are having fun. lets get out on the mtb's soon.

you forgot something though in your "thank you's"... you forgot to thank green flash for making the best IPA of all time!

Luke said...

shave your hair you hippy!!

haha...jk...tell holly she is a rockstar! very awesome!!

Pedal Circles said...

Fell into a cactus and still finished strong? Awesome!

Did you wind up racing this past weekend?

Lastly, ice baths are the best.

Slater Fletcher said...

A weekend of support and a big month of aquatic rescues. Your a stud!

I think it is just as much fun running support as racing sometimes and you feel a lot better the next day!