Tuesday, September 8, 2009


By that I mean the busy beach season. For some reason, American's think you're only supposed to go to the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day. On those holidays (along with July 4th) So Cal beaches are absolutely PACKED with people celebrating the holiday. Personally, I'm greatly relieved when the busy season is over adn I can go back to preventing people from drowning instead of playing "beach cop" by keeping surfers and swimmers in separate areas so they don't hurt each other. Personal responsibility? Not in America...

Last week, my brother called my up and finally pulled the trigger on the Orbea we had in his size. Pretty sweet bike and a SMOKIN' deal thanks to my employee discount =D.

'09 Orbea Gavia

Ultegra, 105 mixed group. Not "blingy", but solid components proven to perform.Mmm...10-speed...I like the little Orbea "O" touches on the seat and brake calipers. Classy. And a Selle Italia saddle to boot. Very nice for his first road bike. So I wrapped up a recovery week last week and I put down February numbers duing my cycling test. Not bad considering I haven't ridden much since May.

I spent Sunday and Monday doin' the lifeguard thing and keeping people from hurting themselves. Sunday, I pulled 3 kids out of the lagoon mouth rip at Torrey and Monday I nabbed a boogie boarder in the Seaside rip that claimed a life 4 years ago. I love what do.
Season's over. See you next year.


Pedal Circles said...

Nice!! Glad it'll be calming down soon :) Sort of.

We hit up La Jolla, but didn't even touch the sand :) Traffic sucked, though!

Erin said...

It's pretty cool that you get to be a hero almost every day, though, you must admit. I did my part to crowd a beach over Labor Day and headed over to Santa Cruz :) (...then ripped a gaping hole in my wetsuit. What's your take on duct tape as a wetsuit repair mechanism?)

Erin said...

I took your advice and cemented then sewed my wetsuit together. Tomorrow will be a test of my sewing skills...let's hope they're sufficient, or else it's going to be a freezing, draggy swim with a gaping hole in my torso! (Peeling it off, however, for the last time, should be easy since it'll just rip right off. :P

Bosifus said...

You've save me a time or two!