Monday, December 21, 2009

Marking Time

Back in the day when I performed with band/Drum and Bugle Corps. We used a technique called "marking time" to keep tempo while playing; it helps you put feet motion together with the music and accelerates the pace at which you learn marching (the actual movement part). Bascially, you lift just your heels off the ground and make sure they hit the ground with the beat.

The point is that you're doing something, but not going anywhere; kind of how I feel at the moment.

Still, some good luck coming my way: I managed to pull a B- out of my a$$ at school and now get the chance to petition for my degree. It's long story, but suffice to say I might be getting out of UCSD. None too soon.

This past week, Luke and I slapped together a ride at the last minute. I spent all day Friday putting a new rim on the race MTB (found a crack back in October) and Saturday we met up in Trabuco Canyon to hit Harding - Upper Holy Jim. I was beat from a big training week and hoping for some chill dirt miles.

I was stoked to see James and Ryan pulled into the parking lot as I haven't seen them in a long time.

Once through O'Neil Park, we headed up past Cook's Corner and over to Harding. I wound up sucking Luke's wheel for most of the day while James hammered away up front.
Ryan mentioned something about coming down with a cold. Kudos to him for hanging in even though he was under the weather. He's the dark dot in the shade of the tree.Harding was the long, uncomfortable climb I remember it as. Similaryl, the climb from Modjeska to Santiago Peak was as rocky and gnarly as ever. It all went by much faster this time than previously, though. I felt like I was climbing pretty well compared to last season; Luke noticed the difference. He can still drop me whenever he wants, though. LOL!

Rest stop at the top of Upper Holy Jim. The guy in the green jersey is James' buddy, Loren. Lots of strong dudes on this ride. I was hurtin' for certain just trying to keep up! P.O.V. shot. This is why I love MTB'ing, folks.I followed Luke down Upper Holy Jim and we were soon faced with DEEP rain ruts and some gnarly rocky sections. Instead of trying to ride the sections, we swallowed our respective prides and walked the rough stuff. No use getting injured now: way too much racing in the coming months!

Money shot of James exiting Upper Holy Jim.
Sunday I headed out to Daley Ranch, met up with the Mann's and picked up the start of Holly's MTB build. I think the 29'er will be good for her to learn on since the bigger wheels are more stable. Plus they gave us a killer deal on the frame/fork combo. I look forward to putting it together.I'm doing the Xmas shopping thing this week and couldn't resist picking up a little something for myself.

Merry Christmas everybody!



jameson said...

sick ride on saturday... hopefully we can get in many more in the next few months.

Luke said...

good ride bro...and dig the beer shot to finish the post!

Ryan Weeger said...

nice post! yeah, even more props to you guys for waiting around for me the whole time. next time im getting after harding, hopefully close the gap on you guys a bit.

Big Rig said...

Sweet Salsa.

Still have a steel A La Carte from 1993. Beautiful bike.

Pedal Circles said...

Maui Brewing Co owns :)

Erin said...

Great pics!