Sunday, January 3, 2010


Seriously, 2009 is over and not a moment to soon. It went something like: School jerked me around, Holly had shoulder surgery, I broke my hand, school jerked me around some more and then Grampa died. Meh.
Oh yeah, Luke, James AND Ryan all got married. Not to each other...

I had a few fleeting glimpses of "what could be" with solid races at Xterra REAL and the Incycle XC Challenge. I'm looking to seriously improve on those results in 2010.
I'm done looking back; time for looking at what's ahead.
Pic from the top of Soledad New Year's Eve during hill repeats. The weather's been PERFECT.

Training's been going very well and I'm seeing numbers in December I saw in March last year. I just capped off an epic 2 weeks of training during Winter break and, if I can keep this rolling, I think I'm going to shock a lot of people once the racing season cranks up. I can't wait to toe the line...I want it bad.

So the first 1/2 of 2010 looks like this:

1/23: 12 Hrs Temecula (4-Man with Rodeer Racing)

2/28: Us Cup Sage Brush

3/14: Black MTN 15K (Xterra trail run)

3/28: Xterra REAL

4/25: Xterra West Cup

I have plans beyond that, but I'm focusing on one block at a time and re-assessing finances and motivation once I get to key races. I'm hoping that focusing on the immediate future keeps me centered on the job at hand.

Some much needed recovery this week and some testing. Stoked to see what I've got!



Luke said...'s a new decade. new beginnings, new ends!

Slater Fletcher said...

always motivating to get a good start on the year! Looks like a fun schedule and maybe I will see ya out at temecula for the 12hr

Justin said...

quit yer bitching and get Holly on that 29er. I want pics of them on the dirt!!