Thursday, February 25, 2010


After losing my job last month, finances at our home have been tight. Actually, that's putting it mildly. I won't be able to race this weekend, because we just don't have the "extra" cash for my license (Cat 1's have to buy an annual license) and race entry fee($47). I'm sort of OK with that since MTB races are not my focus for 2010, but I was really looking forward to posting up some solid results and getting some momentum rolling before Xterra REAL. Oh well.

I was also planning on doing the Black Mountain 15K (Xterra trail race) the weekend of 3/15, but I have lifeguard requalifying (1000 yard surf swim under 20 mins) and training the same weekend. I took requals lightly one year, misjudged the current and surf (see 2008) and didn't make the bouy. I couldn't work until I requalified somewhere else. I missed out on a lot of work and can't risk losing out on paychecks right now.

I filed for unemployment, but it looks like my coaching business (my teeny, tiny coaching business) disqualifies me from receiving anything. FAIL.

Meanwhile, I've been logging some serious training hours (20+ per week) and building my training plan library for my business. The business continues to grow, but not fast enough that it takes the place of a "real job". Though I would LOVE to coach full-time if i could. Shoulda-woulda-coulda...

So I gotta go back to work. Meh.

E-mails to State Lifeguards went unanswered so early this week I called and left a message where I KNEW someone would get it. Yesterday I got a call and they have shifts for me. I'm glad to be earning a paycheck agan, but pretending I was a pro athlete for a month was really, really cool. *sigh*

So here comes the cold shower that is reality, the cutback in training in favor of earning money. No more time for "living the life"; time to head back to work.


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