Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week One, Day One

It's been a while since I posted, I've been busy with midterms two weeks ago and finals last week. I'm finally on Winter break from now until Jan 7th. Grades have yet to be posted and I'm a little worried about my GPA; Physical Chemistry was much harder than I expected and a "C" in that class would be just fine by me.

Started Winter Break right by going to Mom and Dad's last night for a tree trimming with my friends. Mom went overboard with the finger food, but it was delicious us Mom's cooking is.

I was hoping to hang out at my place for the duration of my break, but I remembered I have to go to Orange County for Jury Duty, yay...

On a good note, I started training for the 2008 Xterra season. First step in training involves addressing bio mechanics, muscular imbalances, any equipment issues you may have and testing your lactate threshold to get your baseline before you start training for real. I had my running video taped and my coach identified some form issues that should help me run faster and more economically once I've corrected them. Tomorrow I'm having my swim stroke taped. I had it taped last year and we did our best to fix my stroke. Hopefully it's better this year than it was last year.

I'm making some changes in my race schedule and looking to see if more events get added to the Xterra schedule. If I do well enough in the early season, I can stay local and still qualify for Xterra Nationals, Less traveling will save me money so I can get my butt to the Xterra World Championships.

On top of that, my coach is trying to talk me into getting a power meter. As much as training with power would help my fitness, the cost is prohibitive. When you add in the cost of traveling to the races in Tahoe AND Hawaii in the span of a month, it seems unlikely that I'll be getting a power meter. I may have to choose between going to Worl'ds or getting the power meter. Sucky.

Speaking of my coach, we've agreed that I need to drop some chub. I'm not fat, but I could stand to lean down, which should help my racing. Boo diet.

On an unrelated note, I'll be spending my break working on my USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching license. Is there a coaching career in my future? Who knows? I'm playing it by ear.

It's great to be back to training. Looking at how well I did last year, 2008 has the potential to be an amazing season. I'm freaking excited!


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