Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some changes to the 'blog and just in general. I'm still trying to find that guy in the the photo up top. He's here somewhere, either hiding or taking a nap, but I'll find him eventually.

So the beach season is OVER! The Tuesday after Labor Day felt like the morning after a raging party: quiet, a few people passed out on the floor and you sneak out so you don't wake anyone up.

Labor Day weekend was absolute chaos on the beaches; crowded and some huge tidal swings that caused "flash" rip currents on the outgoing tide. Kept me "on edge" all weekend. I had a few rescues, but I didn't keep track...too busy.

Speaking of busy, this post is a few days late because I've been working so much: I jst finished a 7-day straight stretch and finally get a couple days off. I'm still working 40-hour weeks, but the low beach attendance makes it less physically challenging than the busy season.

I'm trying to get back into training, it's going slowly and it's still difficult getting workouts in around a full work schedule.

Tahoe: still can't decide. If I do it, it'll be more so I don't kick myself for not going to a Naional Championship than out of any real desire to do well. I'm still working out the finances; if Holly and I determine we can't afford it, I might crash a local Olympic Road Tri on the same day and call it a season.

This week, my best friend for 20+ years texts me that he and his fiancee are splitting up after 7 years of being together. All 3 of us used to hang out together and I consider her a good friend and them breaking up maks me wonder what the heck is going to happen between all 3 of us. Messy. I hope they can work things out.

My Lifeguard/Ranger interview went very well. My district supervisor wound up on the interview panel, which should be a big help. I should hear back in 4-6 weeks and next up is the Physical Agility, which should be a piece of cake. I just hope they do the ocean swimming part before the water cools down too much.



XTERRA 29er said...

Glad to hear that work has calmed down a little bit. Hopefully that means you're back to feeling 100% soon. Post up when you decide about Tahoe.

PacMan said...

What are your duties when the beaches are relatively empty?

Zippy said...

My duties are the same regardless of how many people are on the beach. We staff fewer towers, though, which means bigger stretches of beach to watch.

Bosifus said...

Holy moly!! What about the kitties??