Thursday, September 11, 2008


My name is Eric, and I am easily distracted...

They say the first step to conquering an addiction is acknowledging you have a problem.

Frequently, when I'm faced with a task that I find stressful or unpleasant, I look for something else to occupy myself with until the deadline for the task has passed. OR I wait until the last minute such that the quality of my work suffers. This applies to school, training, coaching ( I have a few people I'm helping on the side for free) and whatever else I'm doing with myself at the present.

Lately, I've been looking for ways to sabotage my Tahoe race so that I'll have an excuse for a poor result.

If you're familiar with what's been going on with the surf recently, you know exactly why it's so easy to blow off training: a big West swell last week followed by a South swell this week. How can I be expected to swim at work when the waves are coming in with 7-8' faces? Seriously, my boogie board has taken up permanent residence in the back of my Jeep. At least I'm getting in a killer leg workout I've been doing so much kicking with fins...

I also need to confess that I'm a chronic snooze-bar abuser. I love sleeping in and getting my ass up at 5 to make it to the pool by 6 so I can get in 2 workouts before work and then be in my tower by 10 isn't happening right now. It's so much easier to get workouts in during the school year; I just skip class. See what I mean about being easily distracted? Sheesh! That explains my less-than-stellar GPA.

Back to the awesome surf: I boogied the Cardiff Reef yesterday. A very popular and crowded surf break where Professional surfers hone their skills when they're in town. I felt a little out of place as the only "sponger" there (surf slang for boogie boarder) but I now see why it's as popular as it is. Great waves.

Returning from the surf tangent (see how easily distracted I am!?). My hobbies tend to run a 5-year course. I find something that interests me, I go way overboard and become obsessed with something and then I get tired of it and find something else to obsess over. Right now I'm conflicted about what to do about triathlon. I like being fit and fast, but I keep finding excuses to skip workouts; mostly swimming and hard running workouts.

I need motivation.

The closer Tahoe gets, the less likely it seems like Holly and I will be going. When you tally it all up, it's going to cost around $1K and we simply don't have that kind of disposable income lying around.

We are planning on heading up to Hurkey Creek for Luke's 24 Hours of Adrenaline race. I'm trying to get a campsite for us, but the race promoter rented all 100+ campsites so he can hand them out to racers. I'm trying to see if there will be any extras, but the word, so far, is "ask me later". If we can't get a site, we (or just me) will be heading up just for the day. Camping would be nice, though; I love camping.

Still waiting to hear from the State about the results from my interview.



Luke said...

it'll be good to have ya bro!

the off-season is right around the corner..can't ya smell it??

Bosifus said...

The sweet smell of procrastination... how else do "we" make it through?? I think it's genetic. :-)