Thursday, April 16, 2009


Master's peeps pissed me off this morning:

People not listening to the set and swimming a faster interval than prescribed; then turning around mid-lane and cutting in front of me though I'm swimming the "correct" interval...not cool.

During the IM set, everything turns into freestyle because fly and backstroke are too hard. Maybe if you tried the other strokes you'd get better at them? Just a thought.

Someone swiped the kickboard I was using, forcing me to get out, walk across the deck and get another. You'll get yours...

Kick's OK to use fins, but using them just so you can lead the lane is weak.

And I'm not fast enough to swim with the people that "get it". *sigh* (Rant over, sorry!)

Xterra West....I'm not going. I planned on taking a shot at qualifying for Maui there, but being sick and missing two weeks of training set my fitness back too far and theres no way I'd get it. Furthemore my result at Xterra REAL and the start list for the West Cup leads me to believe I don't have a chance of qualifying. Spending the money to go out there just to get my butt kicked seems silly. Add in a midterm the following Monday and Holly's shoulder surgery on the 5th; the reasons not to go just keep piling up.

Instead, I'll take my shot at MTN Champs; harsh because of the altitude and more expensive to travel to, but I think I'll have a better chance to qualify for Maui there since I'll have time to re-build my fitness for it.

...and I can do the Idyllwild Spring Challenge on 5/2, which conflicts with Xterra West. Woot! I love that race!


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Luke said...

ehh..leave swimming for the fishees...and the running for the real skinny dudes! let them deal with the shoulder and knee issues for the rest of their days. get holly on a mountain bike!! that'd be rad!