Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forced Recovery/Splits

I'm sick. I caught whatever cootie my brother's rugrats had. It's not bad, but It knocked me flat on my butt as I've been totally exhausted since Monday.

So far I've got the scratchy throat, the post-nasal drip and the stuffy nose. I'm dialing it back this week (probably bailing on Sagebursh) in hopes that I'll kick it sooner and get back to preparing for Xterra West in 4 weeks and change.

On another note, the splits from Xterra REAL have been posted. I can see the results of the work I've been doing and that there's lots of work to be done.

Swim: 13:54. 1:41/100 pace and 48th overall. F'ing horrible...
Bike: 1:00:14. Around 13 MPH and 20th overall. This probably includes T1 and T2 so the average pace is a little higher than it seems. A solid split.
Run: 28:00, good for 17th overall. Sweetness! Last year, I ran 30:48. Not the 4-min PR I thought it was, but a great improvement for me.

My swimming and running focus is working, but I'm still getting killed in the water. I need to fix that...FAST! Looks like lots more early mornings in the pool with the Master's program.


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Luke said...

way to post a personal best bro! now get well!