Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zig or Zag?

Xterra Snow Valley has been cancelled for 2009. Crap.

Xterra, this season, counts your best 4 races towards regional championship spots and for qualifying for National Championships. With my recent illness I'm not ready to race any time soon. The revised plan included Snow Valley (where I historically perform REALLY well at) in my build up to the MTN Champs in Colorado. FAIL.

I need three more races if I want to qualify for USA Champs. The next closest races to me are:
5/2 - West Cup, Henderson, NV) - Like I said, NO WAY am I ready to race this soon
5/9 - Xterra Del Valle, Livermore, CA - More time to recover some fitness, but a long drive
5/31 Xterra Deuces Wild - Show Low, AZ. Practically to NM.
6/27 - Xterra Tahoe City - Yes, Lake Tahoe...8-10 hr drive.
7/18 Xterra MTN Champs - Beaver Creek, CO...12-14+ hr drive.
8/29 - Xterra Incline Village - North LAke Tahoe - 8-10 hr drive. Epic course. I've got some unfinished business here from USA Champs in 2007.

That's a lot of driving and I have no contractual obligations nor am I competing for prize money. With all that traveling and my current financial situation, I'm seriously considering just doing races "for fun" and forgetting all about USA Champs and World's.

It's tempting to scrap the entire Xterra season and race my brains out at all the local MTB races
5/2 Idyllwild Spring Challenge
5/31 Big Bear Shootout #1
6/28 Rim Nordic #1
7/11 Big Bear Shootout #2
7/26 Rim Nordic #2
8/9 Rim Nordic #3
8/30 Rim Nordic #4
10/3 Cal State XC Champs

Sheesh! I could do 8 races for way less money! Soooo tempting...



XTERRA 29er said...

I'm in the exact same boat. I wonder if the XTERRA folks thought about the repercussions of canceling Snow Valley.

Slater Fletcher said...

The last three years has been like that for me and Xterra... No Vegas, SnowValley for me either...

You can always check out the "other" multisport racing ;-)

They are close, cheap and the best race directors and events I have ever been a part of....Love it. got a boat you can use if you want too!

Bosifus said...

If you decide to race at Livermore let me know. It's only 45 mins from here. Steve and I will most likely be spending the weekend in Pebble Beach for a tourney. The kitties would love to have you!!

Pedal Circles said...

You know you want to give up running and swimming! :)

Sorry to hear about the cancellations, though.