Monday, July 13, 2009

The Comeback Trail

The proverbial "Road to Recovery" is supposed to be long and rocky, but it looks suspiciously like a flat bike path...
You know you like the red tape on the black handlebars ;)
Saturday I headed out for my first bicycle ride since breaking my hand almost 2 months ago. The doc said "Yes" to the road bike, but "No" to the MTB. I'm OK with that for now. I've been running to keep some type of aerobic fitness (running A LOT really), but it was clear my legs forgot how to pedal and I got tired after a whopping 90 minutes. No biggie; it'll come back.
There's a sketchy ramp that drops you onto the bike path and I've always ridden it. Not today; no point taking chances considering the screws holding my hand together are only 2mm. I took the stairs.

The ramp is to the left. Totally rideable, but the sharp left turn at the bottom is always exciting. Too much speed and you wind up in the fence or into the nasty storm drain. Yummy.
Wanting to avoid cars, I headed down to man-made Fiesta Island for a flat, 3 mile loop before I'd head back. Little did I know the Over the Line Championships were in town. Zippy FAIL. LOL!

Lots of sunburned necks and 36'ers of Natty Light goin' on here; complete with the Miss "Emersum" competition. Comedy.
The hand is getting better: physical therapy cut back to once a week, I'm back working at the campus bike shop AND I get to ride a bike again. The doc still isn't cool with me lifeguarding "I'm afraid you'll have a problem in the water and I can't in good conscience let you go back to work, yet". No prob, doc. I go back to see him 8/3 and should get the go ahead then.
"What about the trail runners" you ask? I'm still fleshing out my Fall race plans so you'll just have to wait. :P

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Luke said...

waiting patiently for your stinkin' announcement!!

glad to see you back on the bike bro! we'll have to hit that ride again for redemption someday.