Monday, July 20, 2009

Earth Shaking

I'm still having a rough time making a firm decision about whether to take the Lfeguard/Ranger job or not. The ideal situation would be if I had my degree already; then taking it would be a no-brainer. As it stands, I have no guarantees that I'll get back to SD once through the acadamy to finish my degree. No online courses available and taking those courses at another UC would require another petition...and we all know how well those go over with my major advisors.

Is it strange that I'm more concerned about what the academy will do to my training than I am about my degree? I'm sure my priorities are out of whack, but I can't help but feel like I have to give up my athletic dreams to secure my future (a few of you probably understand, the rest of you won't get it).

I've got a lot to think about, no doubt.

Speaking of training....

I've been runinng A LOT since the hand break, because it's all I was allowed to do. I'm cranking out 26-30 mile weeks like they're nothing. My poor Saucony's are much the worse for wear.

A while back, I posted up a pic of some sweet trail runners I've had my eye on. Holly finally noticed how "rough" my trainers were looking and offered to buy me some shoes. After running around at three separate stores, we picked these bad boys up.
Some SICK trail runners! Light, fast and uber sexy.

Why does Zippy need hard-core trail runners?

For a gnar trail run. The Noble Canyon 50K.

Yeah. I've had my eye on the Calico 50 K for years, but the January date was always tough to make. With the broken hand and all the running I've been doing, I figured a marathon would cap the season off. I had planned on the Big Bear Mary, but it's been cancelled for 2009. I poked around and found the Noble Canyon race, but then got the OK to ride and toyed with the idea of crushing the collegiate MTB circuit as a last hurrah before graduating. Since I might not be going to school for a while, I have no desire for James and Justin whoop my ass at State MTB Champs and I shouldn't be planning on racing beyond the academy start date, the 50K should cap the season off nicely.

I have mixed feelings of excitement and fear: it's some sweet terrain, but it's a long friggin' way to run over steep, rocky trails.

Can't wait.



Luke said... goal!! i dig it. maybe i will have to come out and catch some of the suffering.

do they allow pacers on course? that might be fun!

and is just something we do to keep us busy. just one aspect of your life. career, kids, all that other stuff needs to be prioritized as well...unless you (and me) plan to be a mid to front pack amateur athletes for the rest of our lives. pfft!!

Zippy said...
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Zippy said...

OR stop being an amateur...

Erin said...

The 50K looks awesome! Coachubby ran the Sequoia 50K in Oakland last weekend, and it was a biotch--but a very rewarding one :D I still have yet to run that far!