Monday, August 3, 2009

Eat, Drink and Be Married

Not me, but my little sister got married this past weekend. The cool twist? I performed the ceremony!

Friday night Holly and I headed up to El Torito in Zooport Beach (Fashion Island). Turns out we were an hour early for the rehearsal dinner....but right on time for happy hour! I call that awesome timing. Some bloody marys, chips and salsa and taquitos later and we hooked up with the rest of the party. By the time we rolled home and crawled into bed, it was way past our bedtime.

Saturday, we got up and went for our long runs in Penasquitos Canyon, got ready and headed back to the OC. Laguna Beach Surf and Sand Resort this time.

The g/f all dolled up... Like I said, I got ordained as a minister after my sis and her then fiancee weren't too thrilled with the minister they had planned on using. I was stoked to step in! I can also do funerals :/.

Sister Christine wanted to get married with sand between her toes. The high tide meant a few of the guests got their feet wet, but we made it work. Christine started crying during her vows and I choked up a bit too. I held it together, though. Note the bare feet!
Yay! All married and stuff!Me, Christine and brother Steve (AKA: Big Rig).Me and the g/f chillin' at the reception. I was lucky enough to sample the 40 y/o rum sis got her hubby as his groom gift (Pyrat 1623). At $240 a bottle (!!!) it was quite the tasty sip.
Throw in some bomb-ass cigars and I was feelin' pretty good. A great weekend overall.

Sunday we were both beat from multiple days of being up way too late and we took the day off.

Monday, I got cleared to go back to work. I called in to let them know I was available and got a call 20 mins later to staff a tower. My doc cleared me at 9 and I was in a tower by 11. Ha!

No sooner did I finish opening the tower when the tower phone rings and my supervisor piles a bunch of shifts in my lap. Nice to be needed! I'm getting caught up on all the work gossip and definitely missed getting paid to boogie board/body surf on my breaks; I tried surfing last year on the paddle board and it didn't suck. I know a guy selling a short board for cheap...


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Luke said...

very cool man...sounds like a blast!