Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in the Saddle

From last post, you learned I'm not going to the Academy for the State Park Lifeguard position due to the State's budget shortfall. This week, I learned my District Supervisor didn't receive a budget for September and we're only being scheduled through the 15th of the month. Scary. I'll keep you posted, but swimming and surfing at State beaches might get a lot more dangerous after Labor Day.

Meanwhile, I've started training exclusively on the bike. I'm still running and swimming on my breaks at work, but I'm all about getting ready for the Collegiate MTB series that starts Sept. 26th. Today I hit up Daley Ranch for some climbing.

Singletrack. Mmm....
Some tasty switchbacks...
More singletrack all to myself. The pace was pretty empty.

The climb I love to hate. Steep, loose and seemingly never-ending. I cleaned the whole thing (didn't last time I was here); a feat I have yet to repeat on the SS 29'er.

I made my customary stop at Del Taco on the way home and chilled the rest of the day since there was no lifeguard work for me today.
Back to work tomorrow (supposed to get some swell this week) and more riding Sat and Sun. I love riding my bike! :D


Pedal Circles said...

Daley is awesome for climbing :)

jameson said...

it's been so long since i have been out there. how long of a ride can you put together out there?

Zippy said...


The biggest single loop I know is only 12 miles or so (1:30). The Manns have that place wired and could probably show you more. I'm trying to upload the GPS data from my ride.