Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sneaking Out

The doc said no MTB until after he sees me again the first week of August, but I just couldn't take it anymore. During the entire process of getting ready, loading the Jeep and driving to the trailhead I had that guilty, excited feeling I haven't had since I used to sneak girls into Mom and Dad's house.

One I hit the trails, though it was all good. The ride reminded me why I've been racing Mountain bikes for almost 10 years and riding them since I got too big for a BMX bike: I LOVE IT!

I got a packet in the mail toay from the State informing me that I passed backgrounds and offering me the Perm Guard position pending medical and psych evaluations....

...except I have one more quarter of school left and the academy starts 10/5 .


Turn down a 60K a year job that I can retire off OR finish school. Honestly, I'm so tired of the UC's antics I want to tell them to stick their degree where the sun don't shine.

I'm totally rudderless here...


Edit: I was surfing and found this recruiting vid. It was shot entirely at the beach I work at most often: Torrey Pines.


Ryan Weeger said...

go for the job dude! just my two cents, and lets ride again soon when you get going solid again.

Pedal Circles said...

The job might sound like the best in the short term, but is it what you want to do as a long-term career?

You've put in some much time toward the degree.

At the same time... school will always be there to finish off that last quarter - right? :)

Don't envy your decision, but do what is best for you and your future.

Jeff D. said...

Think of the economy. If you stay in school and graduate later this year, will you have secure job options upon graduating? A 60K/year state job offer RIGHT NOW can get you on your feet financially after being in school. As said above, you can always finish that last quarter, maybe even while you're working, spread out over a few quarters.

Normally I would say finish school, but given the times it might be wise to take a secure job that you'll obviously enjoy and get paid well. Just don't lose sight of what you ultimately wanted by going back to school. Only you can answer that.

Luke said...

zippy in uniform!

...that is unless they find out you're crazy! we all know the truth! ..jk.


Big Rig said...

Does the job pay real money, or IOUs from the state?