Sunday, March 8, 2009

Build 1...DONE!

So the first Build phase is over and it's time for some much-needed recovery. Last weekend's race took a lot out of me and between school and work, training took a little of a back seat last week. Not good for my fitness, but my mental and physical state demanded it. I might implement the 16-5 mesocycle for my next peak; I'm just so drilled by the last week of the 21-7 mesocycle that I'm not getting stuff done. Anyway...

The running continues to improve A LOT. As tired as I was, I still pulled some impressive numbers during workouts this week. Thursday's brick on the trails was so good, I found myself whooping Bear Grylls style while hammering up James' favorite hill. I'm running way faster than I thought I was ever capable of. Hard work pays off!

Saturday I had another meeting with my background investigator and we nailed down some details. He said he's 85% done and that my chances of getting hired are good, but not great. I'm crossing my fingers...

Last week's race made it clear that I need more climbing in my regiment (that's for you, Luke!) so I headed out to Vail Lake to get some...climbing that is.

Yay freeway! OK, not really.
"Vailocity" Clever or lame? You decide.

I knew the High School circuit was having a race today, but how many High School kids are into mountain biking?
LOTS! The Merlot campgrounds were FULL! I was relegated to parking by the pool. Sheesh! I was stoked to see so many kids gettin' their race on, though. With the turn-out at Bonelli last week and at the High-School race this week, It's clear MTB racing is back in a BIG way. Sweet!

Still, they weren't using the all the trails. I could wait and get my fix of "Tunnel of Love" a little later. Windy and COLD up top (57 deg according to the bank thermometer; whoa!).
Still, Spring in So Cal is AWESOME!

Green as far as the eye could see and wildflowers everywhere. Beautiful!

One way or another, this is gonna be my office...

...and what better way to cap off a ride than with some highly nutritious food!

"Go Bold or Go Home". Nice.


Ryan Weeger said...

Love the del. Power fuel for sure! Missed you at CC, next year yeah?

jameson said...

way to be smart with the training... I need to get out to vail soon. Xterra Real is right around the corner... I can't wait to see how much faster you go this year!

Pedal Circles said...

Dam climb is a good hill to practice ;)

Krista Park said...

Nice pictures, wish I'd have though to take some.
Are you the guy I rode up the climb with (motos passed us coming down)?