Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game Face

So I haen't really been excited about racing this weekend. I got some news the other day that took the wind out of my sails a little bit; the academy for the Permanent Lifeguard postion with State Parks is scheduled to start October 5th...and Xterra World's (which I think I have a good shot at qulifying for) is October 25th. No way I can take time off from a police academy and go, not to mention the training impact sitting in a classroom umpteen hours a day will have.

I swam for a season with the community college I went to: "Dude, then how come you're so slow in the water?" Truly I have no idea; I digress...

For big swim meets, swimmers shave their entire bodies (except for the inside of your forearms) for speed. It always helps my mental state when I break out the "tools" and get to work.
I'm feeling more "race ready", but the fact that I'll probably miss out on World's has me bummed. There's plenty of time to switch my focus over to USA Championships and I still have a shot at some strong competitive results this season, but I was really looking forward to "The Big Dance".
What I should be doing is focusing on the races I can make and on maximizing my results there.
Heading up to Auburn Friday morning. Good luck to everyone racing the US-Cup Fontana this weekend!


Pedal Circles said...

Good luck at Real! You look ready to go.

jameson said...

kill it this weekend dude!

and please don't post any more nude photos of yourself... there might be kids reading! hahaha