Monday, March 2, 2009

Bonelli US-CUP

Race numer one for 2009 is in the books. A hot, dusty and FAST course. Not the result I was hoping for (16th of 23), but faster than last time I raced here and a great high-intensity training day. I'm right where I should be going into Xterra REAL at the end of March. Sweet!

Justin kicked my azz (8th, I think) as did James (4th!) and it looks like Luke may have over done it leading up to the race and wound up with an ufortunate DNF (sorry, bro!). No idea how Ryan did, but Allison chalked up another win in her category.

Full report later; I'm way behind on school work.



Pedal Circles said...

Good seeing you out there!

I heard a rumor you weren't doing VQ. More training? You aren't, like, RUNNING instead or something? :)

Justin said...

i was 8th! don't move me back in the pack! :)

Ryan Weeger said...

Yeah I got some good pics of you. I will email them.

I got 7/14 1:17 was my time. Im happy with it, first MTB XC race.

Zippy said...

"i was 8th! don't move me back in the pack! :)"

Ok, ok. I fixed it for you. Sheesh! LOL!