Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surf's Up!

So Sunday is the re-qualification swim for my lifeguard job: 1,000 yard surf swim in 20 minutes or less. It's a daunting swim because it's straight out from shore and straight back in. The buoy looks TINY from the beach and the shore looks really far away once you get to the turn-around point. Last year's swim went poorly for me due to a freak Alaskan storm that swept through, bringing the gnarliest conditions anyone had seen in 15 years (thought I was gonna DIE!).

I just checked Sunday's surf report on*sigh*

"Sunday the 15th the second swath of southern hemi swell should come to its peak. Standout south facing breaks with steep bathymetry/shoaling can expect set waves running 2-3 feet overhead. The slower sloped south facing breaks though may only see head high waves. Once again, with such long periods coming through, there will be a great disparity in size between breaks with varying bathymetry, shoaling, and refraction."

The only good part is the longer period (more time between waves) and the fact that "set waves" will be relatively sparse, which gives you a break between poundings, but it's still gonna make for some rough conditions.

Surf's up indeed.



Luke said...

i only know enough about waves to not like em...the dirt and the mountains is where i belong! oceans kinda spook me a bit...but good luck dood!!

Justin said...

yeah... luck to you!

XTERRA 29er said...

So give us the scoop....How'd you do?

Zippy said...

"So give us the scoop....How'd you do?"

It's this coming Sunday (3/15). I'll give ya'll the report Monday-ish.