Monday, February 2, 2009

I Can't Go Outside Like This!

Yeah, um, so the new UCSD Cycling Team kits came in last week and they look FABULOUS!


The colors are

I'm torn because it's the most comfortable stuff I've ever worn (Capo Forma), but the colors are just...HIDEOUS!

I think this pic says it all...

This is what happens when you let roadies design stuff. AAARGH!


Luke said...'s not that bad!! once it gets stained with blood and dirt it will look great. still way better then the cycopath kit i got yesterday...i wouldn't even take a picture to put it on my blog...whoa!

Big Rig said...

I agree with Luke. Not that bad. I've seen worse. Very euro.

By the way, bring back your long hair.

Pedal Circles said...

It's fairly similar (color-wise) to the current kit, no? Little lighter blue.

I think it looks fine.

Next time suggest a navy colored mountain bike kit so it doesn't get dirty when you roll into the lot ;)

jameson said...

stop complaining and go ride your bike.

PacMan said...

As the others have said--it's not that bad. I've seen much worse!!

But it is, umm, baby blue for sure ;-)

Ryan Weeger said...

Awesome, you know you love it though deep down!

Justin said...

yeah. i would rather have a torn rotator cuff than compete in that.

happy racing :)

XTERRA 29er said...

You won't wear it outside, but will post pictures wearing it online. Awesome.