Friday, February 13, 2009

Testing, 1...2...

My first fitness check of the week was a tempo-pace 5k.

I dropped 2 minutes off my time compared to the last meso-cycle. Holy crap!

Sticking with the 21 and 7 meso cycle over the 16 and 5 for sure. Whoa!

Cycling test: 1:24 faster for the two-climb test set over last time; with my front brake rubbing on the second one because the dish on the front wheel is off and I forgot to undo the brake.

So over a 6.78 mile climb, I'm at least 1:24 faster. Nice.

Swimming my butt off pays off:

as in dropping another 5 seconds off my threshold pace from last test.

I've gotta keep this momentum going into my Build Phases that start next week. Just gotta.


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